Like many people, Stickman had a rough start in life. He wasn’t blessed with an Olympian body, his grades in school were average at best, he didn’t have any special talents, and he was never fast on the draw when it came to saying something witty. In fact, one word summed up this poor fellow: lethargic. His acquaintances never seemed to miss an opportunity to point out his deficiencies, and to make him the butt of their jokes.

Alas, that continued in his young-adult years until…

He bumped into a lovely Dr. C and an astute Dr. P as they were leaving a nutritional supplement conference in the fast-paced, and always-daunting-to-him, New York City. Instead of hearing another snide remark about his clumsiness or other shortcomings, those kind doctors slipped a couple of BrainGO!™ packets into his hand, and wished him well.

The rest is history.

Stickman is now quite nimble afoot, and quite nimble of mind. He fully intends to show off his new persona to everyone he works or plays with…

And to ‘stick’ it to anyone who underestimates his newfound power.