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The taste did take a bit to accept, but my wife takes it as directed and I put it in with my electrolytes and drink it all day. I am sincere when I say it makes my mind much sharper. When I take it before studying, I can focus for six hours at a time without looking up. I am much more alert and my memory has significantly improved. I am in Chinese medical school pursuing my doctorate in Acupuncture in NYC and my GPA is 3.87. I feel it is due in part from the proper use of your product. I also drink it during my workout and it helps me get more out of myself physically. I have shared it with many people and I hope they have made purchases. I even took it to my biochemistry professor. He said the product ingredients are sound, and he believed it would work as promised. Brain Go performs far beyond expectations as far as my wife and I are concerned. Anonymous Person from NJ

Tell Bruce he landed a lifetime customer! I gave pour-a-pak my promised jet lag test. In both east and west bound trans Atlantic travel Pour-A-Pak helped me adjust to the arrival time zone without any jittery side effects! I take one pack as close to the arrival time zone morning wake up time and I am good to go! Well done Pour-A-Pak! Anonymous Person from Urbandale, IA

I'm so glad I found this! It really works I'm definitely reordering this! Alan from Pomona, NY

This is a great pick-me-up that just makes me feel good and energized---with no untoward side effects. I love it! Thanks for making it!!! Kathryn B from Milwaukee, WI

I heard about it from a friend I was visiting in NJ. Gave me a sample I've tried it all week and it's fabulous!! Anonymous Person from Urbandale, IA

I have used your product for the past 8 months now. I take the BrainGo @ 6am & find myself "Great-to-Go" for my entire day. The lemon/lime flavor snaps my brain buds & I'm ready for action. I exercise after taking it & find my energy, focus & level of alertness to be super-charged. Love your product! Alice from NJ

This gives me good, clean energy when I'm dragging after work and want to get a workout in at the gym! Anonymous Person from Hamilton, NJ

I'm a salesman, and man does BrainGo help my cold calling sessions. Excited, aware, concentrated, and on point. If you're in sales - give it a try. Salesman from New York, NY

Unlike coffee, BrainGo allows me to focus calmly on my work, gives me energy, and has none of that caffeine jitters. Love it! Anonymous Person from New York, NY

This product did nothing for me. I took it, as directed, and I was still falling alseep in the middle of work. I did not feel increased mental or physical energy. It did not help my attention or mood. Anonymous Person from Mesa, AZ

I'm a fitness instructor at night, so I work as a secretary all day then teach a class. I've been using BrainGO right before I teach and it keeps me focused along with giving me energy to get through the classes. I love this product. Jo from Oakland, NJ

I take one packet first thing in the morning and I notice the effects within about 2 minutes. My thinking is sharper and a pleasant well-being feeling washes over me. It's not like the rush of caffeine, which can feel harsh and is short lasting. Instead, this is more gently calming, but expansive and stimulating at the same time. I'm most aware of the effects during the first 4 hours or more, then I notice I feel a more sustained energy during the day as well. I do an online brain exercise program every morning and my scores have improved since using BrainGo!. Kai Hu from Longmont, CO

I have a service industry career where I have to be happy and up all the time. I recently was very busy at work , I took the BrainGo and it kept me happy and focused where I could keep me going for the 12 hours I was at work. debbie from millstone twp, NJ

I am a pretty balanced guy. I can usually work for long hours, and I don't drink coffee, nor Red Bull, etc. When it comes to driving long distance, I normally take a small break after 2 to 3 hours. Nevertheless, my recent trip was totally different. I was taking my family to Acadia National Park. Everyone was excited, but it's a 9 hour trip. Halfway from NY to Maine, I felt my "brain battery" is low, I asked my wife the pass me a "stick", pour it in my mouth, wow, it recharged my "brain battery". We arrived Maine with some time left for fun, before it was too dark. Normally, coffee or Red Bull works by utilizing the remaining power in your drained "brain battery", so after that, you crash. Brain go recharges your brain battery by providing the essential ingredients, so you produce additional brain power. You Refresh, instead of Crash. Bought 8 cases more. Xman from NY, NY

I didn't believe at first as most energy drinks promise to give you a boost of energy and I usually feel nothing. After hearing about BrainGo, I was skeptical at first but when I poured the powder in my mouth it was like a bolt of lightning. I don't want to sound cliched but I felt like I drank a cup of strong Americano coffee on an empty stomach. I felt alert and energized almost instantly. You don't need a full pack either. What was more surprising is I felt like I could run a few miles so I decided to go to the gym after work. I never, ever do that. This is exactly the motivation I need to get to the gym daily! What I like best is it doesn't have caffeine and it is all natural. Can't get better then this and it's also cheaper then starbucks! M Negron from Union City, NJ

Brain-Go is the healthy alternative to "5 Hour Energy" for an added energy boost that lasts for the same period of time. The natural amino acids contribute to a healthy brain formula in a convenient "pour package" that can be taken anywhere. I find Brain-Go to be particularly effective during the late afternoons on my job and perfect to take prior to exercising. My wife takes the product for added stamina prior to studying. I am extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the product along with the added health benefit. frank b from HAWORTH, NJ

Great product. I take 1 in the morning and 1 late afternoon. It picks me up during the day. I feel more energetic, sharp and my memory is better than ever. The lemon/lime flavor leaves a clean taste in my mouth. I look forward to taking it each day. Thank you Brain Go. Melinda from Manhattan NY

I got my first pack of BrainGo a few weeks ago in midtown Manhattan. The folks handing it out said it was a energy supplement. It maybe that for some people. For me it was much,much more. This stuff made me feel good, made things brighter. I've been dealing with some form of depression for which I could find no answer(including anti-depressants). BrainGo however did the trick in minutes. I thought this couldn't be true so I grabbed a few more packets and bought a box on the spot from street team. I've been taking BrainGo every day since. Most days I take 2 paks. I make sure its with me everywhere I go. I hope people get hip to this soon. I don't want to go back to a world without BrainGO. Its a miracle! Van from New York, NY

Have tried BrainGo several times under different circumstances. As the other reviewers have stated, the energy and focus is so much better then taking coffee, 5 hour energy or Red Bull type products and no crash afterwards-great for a morning, noon or later pick-me-up! What's great-No Jitters like too much caffeine! What I want to emphasize are some scenarios I tried that are not touted in the companies advertising. For example, my wife and I recently celebrated (over celebrated:) our anniversary and I had a few too many glasses of wine. Ever have that foggy mind the morning after? I took a pack of BrainGo the next morning and amazingly the fog just lifted away and I felt great! About an hour later I went to the gym and had an awesome, workout with more endurance then normal. I liked it so much I tried it again 2 days later just before going to the gym and had the same awesome workout with much more endurance. I'm convinced and will continue to use it on a daily basis! LJB from Vancouver, WA

I got the sample in the city after a heavy lunch. I wasn't looking forward to a long boring afternoon of meetings. On a normal day it would be all I could do to keep awake. So gave BrainGo, a Go. Just a little on my tongue and I felt brighter before I was back at the office. The rest of the pack went down over the next hour or so. I can't get over how good I felt. Not jittery, not coffee'd up or "frizzed out" and here's the big one for me. All of the energy drinks I've tried always crash me the next day. So far so good, no crash. It does taste funny, but I think that's what Energy tastes like! Bill G from from: Pine Brook, NJ

Tough day at work, energy depleted, brain freeze started to set in around 2 pm, thinking of getting a coffee to get me going but didn't have the energy to go, brain started to go space blank, I saw this delicious looking red packet on my desk labeled 'brain-go', why not? Poured it in my mouth, powdery granulated good tasting with a little bit of bitterness in the beginning but dissipated and refreshing lemony taste took over. Many hours later I just realized this 'red packet' worked, it made me focus and aided brain energy for hours. Miason from Jamesburg, NJ

I am in awe in what happened after taking Brain GO. Recently I had to do an educational seminar to 300 people and prior to doing an event like this I would typically get a couple of large coffees to get me pumped up. Instead of coffee this time, I took a pack of Brain GO. The rush I got was amazing and I gave the best seminar of my career. The boost I got from this product was 10 times that of my normal coffee rush. I love this product and am hooked for life! Rich C from NY, NY

I took this in the morning as the case says. The taste was kind of tart, which I actually found refreshing. After 5 minutes of using brainGO my morning grogginess was gone and I had no need for my usual large cup of black coffee. I was surprised to find that after 20 minutes I was more energized than what my morning coffee usually does for me! After an hour I found myself still working with no need for another boost of energy. I remained steadily energized over the next five hours. Initially, I got more of a buzz from brainGO than I usually would from coffee and it lasted longer than coffee with no crash. BrainGo is much better than the amount of energy 5 hour energy provides. Also, as an every day coffee drinker, I must apologize to the industry. I no longer have a need for coffee. I can't even imagine how energized pouring brainGo into coffee would get somebody. This product is true to it's word, and it's all-natural. I wish this product had been around longer. Mikael from Buffalo, NY

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