Good to GO!

Hear what our customers have to say after trying BrainGO! for the first time.

Dr. Cass on BrainGO!

Dr. Cass discusses BrainGO!, the All-Natural, Edible Powder that provides 4-6 hours of energy and focus.

No Water Needed. Fast Acting. Long Lasting. No Caffeine. No Crash. Ultra Portable.

About Our Company

Our goal is to provide uniquely-formulated nutritional supplement powders that are fast-acting, have long-lasting effects, are all-natural, and cause no harm. The ingredients we use are of the highest quality from reputable sources. Our products are manufactured in the United States under rigorous GMP standards (NPA and NSF certified). They are packaged in single-serve stick packs that can be poured directly into the mouth for speedy absorption and quick effect.

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