The Stickman Story

Like many people, Stickman had a rough start in life. He wasn’t blessed with an Olympian body, his grades in school were average at best, he didn’t have any special talents, and he was never fast on the draw when it came to saying something witty. In fact, one word summed up this poor fellow: lethargic. His acquaintances never seemed to miss an opportunity to point out his deficiencies, and to make him the butt of their jokes.

Alas, that continued in his young-adult years until…

He bumped into a lovely Dr. C and an astute Dr. P as they were leaving a nutritional supplement conference in the fast-paced, and always-daunting-to-him, New York City. Instead of hearing another snide remark about his clumsiness or other shortcomings, those kind doctors slipped a couple of BrainGO!™ packets into his hand, and wished him well.

The rest is history.

Stickman is now quite nimble afoot, and quite nimble of mind. He fully intends to show off his new persona to everyone he works or plays with…

And to ‘stick’ it to anyone who underestimates his newfound power.

Energize your Brain, Mind, and Body



The Evolution of Energy-Boosting—Edible Powder!

  • Oral Absorption is FASTER
  • All Natural & Organic
  • No Caffeine—No Crash
  • Elevates Mood & Cuts Appetite
  • Ultra-Portable—No Water Needed
  • Boost Lasts 4-6 Hours


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The Handy Powder For:


Fires Your


Elevates Your


Boosts Your

How It Works:

Open the pack and let the all-natural ingredients absorb in your mouth
Oral absorbtion bypasses your digestive system for a faster effect.
Enjoy 4-6 hours of energy and focus.

Experience FAQ Reviews

The BrainGO! Experience

Rapid and long-lasting effect are the hallmarks of Pour-A-Pak products, along with convenience. That’s what sets us apart. The small, lightweight, and thin packets can be taken with you anywhere, for use whenever you need a burst of energy. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing, go to a store, and wait on line. There’s no bulky container, no need for refrigeration, no requirement to mix with water or another beverage.

Tear off the top of the packet, and pour a comfortable amount of powder directly into your mouth (we recommend no more than half of a packet at a time). Let it dissolve on and under your tongue, and on your cheeks. Repeat until the packet is empty. (If you have a rapid metabolism, or you weigh less than 170 pounds, you might discover that half a packet is all you need, so you’ll get even more bang for the buck.)

Within minutes, you’ll feel a spark, and your mental focus will be sharpened. Some of our grateful customers also report sharpened visual focus, so don’t be surprised if you have the same result. The effect will last for hours, and, as there is little sugar and no caffeine, there will be no crash.

Pour-A-Pak products are based upon proven science. The medical literature is broad and deep with studies about the effectiveness and efficacy of our ingredients. And every packet is produced under the strictest manufacturing guidelines.

BrainGO!™ is better than a cup of coffee or other energy options—and it costs far less in terms of hard dollars and precious time. It’s delivered right to your door, and it delivers the energy you need.



 What does BrainGO! taste like?

It has a natural lemon-lime flavor. When you first pour a portion of the powder into your mouth, you'll probably notice some tart and bitter taste. After ten seconds or so, it'll become sweeter, and any tart and bitter flavors will disappear.

 What is the best way to open the stick pack?

Have the front of the stick pack facing you. There is a row of 8 small punctures just below the top black border. They start on the left edge and go to the middle of the stick pack, parallel to the black border. Starting at the left edge of the stick pack, tear along the punctures, continuing in the same direction to the right edge and tear off. You will then see the opening, which will be just above the A•PAK (POUR•A•PAK). On the back side, the opening will be above the barcode.

 What is the best way to take the powder?

Tapping the stick pack, slowly pour about ¼ to ½ of the powder into your mouth and let slowly dissolve throughout your mouth. Then repeat until the powder is gone.

 What are the benefits of oral absorption?

Areas of the mouth that can absorb nutrients include under the tongue (sublingual) and the cheeks (buccal). Sublingual and buccal administration is a way of giving someone nutrients and medicine orally (by mouth). Sublingual administration is when medication is placed under the tongue to be absorbed by the body. Buccal administration involves placement of the drug between the gums and the cheek. When a powder is allowed to slowly dissolve in the mouth, these areas of the oral cavity are exposed to the ingredients for rapid absorption. Therefore, the longer the dissolved powder stays in the mouth, the quicker and stronger the effects. Advantages of buccal and sublingual absorption include:

  • Rapid Absorption: Because of good blood supply to the oral area, absorption is usually quite rapid.
  • First Pass: The liver is bypassed, thus there is little loss of the nutrient or drug by first pass effect for buccal or sublingual administration. Bioavailability (the amount your body is able to use) is higher.
  • Rapid Dispersal and Effect: Nutrients absorbed in the oral cavity are quickly returned to the heart, where they are then dispersed throughout the body to be used accordingly.
 Why is it important to take BrainGO! on an empty stomach?

Even though there is initial nutrient absorption in the mouth, what’s not absorbed there will be absorbed in the stomach (partially) and the first half of the small intestine (mostly). If the stomach is full, it will delay the passage of the nutrients to the sections of the small intestine (duodenum and jejunum) where most absorption usually takes place. Additionally, one of the main ingredients in BrainGO! is the amino acid L-tyrosine. If there is protein (various amino acids) in the stomach and small intestine, the tyrosine is less likely to be converted into catecholamines (a class of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which include epinephrine and dopamine). Try to wait 30 minutes after taking BrainGO! before eating food.

 How quickly will I notice an effect?

People often notice that something is happening within the first 5 to 10 minutes. However, it may take up to 30 minutes to reach maximum effect.

 How long will the effects last?

For most people, the effects last 4 to 6 hours.

 Can I just add the powder to water and drink it?

Yes! It tastes great when mixed with water. Doing it this way is good for some people who may notice a little bitterness with the powder. Add the powder to about 4 ounces of cold water and stir until dissolved. Drink slowly and consume the entire amount within a few minutes.

 How many BrainGO! stick packs can I take in one day?

Of course, everyone differs somewhat in absorption and metabolism, but most people find that 1 or 2 stick packs per day is sufficient. However, if needed, taking up to 4 stick packs in a day is perfectly safe, as long as none of the cautions apply to you.

 Who shouldn’t use BrainGO?

First of all, children (under the age of 18) should NOT use BrainGO! Second, while we only use safe and natural ingredients, some individuals may want to check with their physician before using. These people include:

  • Pregnant or nursing.
  • Taking MAO inhibitors or other mood altering medications.
  • Have thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism).
  • Have melanoma (a skin cancer).
 What sweeteners are used?

We use only natural and non-GMO sweeteners, including organic cane sugar, beet sugar, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), and monk fruit (luo han guo; Siraitia grosvenori).

 Why do we have sugar in BrainGO?

The brain runs mostly on oxygen and glucose (a simple sugar). BrainGO! is meant to be taken on an empty stomach. The small amount of natural sugar in BrainGO! helps the brain to process the other nutrients in the formula. Regarding the quantity of sugar in one stick pack of BrainGO!, it's about 1/4 the amount found in a medium-size apple. That's right, an apple has four times as much sugar as BrainGO!.

 What are GMPs?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to assure that the product produced has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that it is represented to possess. Certification audits include inspections of personnel, plant and grounds, sanitation, equipment, quality operations, production and process controls, and warehouse, distribution, and post-distribution practices. CPS Health products are GMP certified by NPA (Natural Products Association) and NSF International.

 Where are your products made?

Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Product Reviews

...This stuff made me feel good, made things brighter. I've been dealing with some form of depression for which I could find no answer(including anti-depressants). BrainGo however did the trick in minutes...
Van from New York, NY United States

...I feel more energetic, sharp and my memory is better than ever. The lemon/lime flavor leaves a clean taste in my mouth...
Melinda from Manhattan NY

...Ever have that foggy mind the morning after? I took a pack of BrainGo the next morning and amazingly the fog just lifted away and I felt great! About an hour later I went to the gym and had an awesome, workout with more endurance then normal...
LJB from Vancouver, WA United States

The rush I got was amazing and I gave the best seminar of my career. The boost I got from this product was 10 times that of my normal coffee rush.
Rich C from NY , NY

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